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Top Tips

These expert, easy to follow tips come from years of consulting and are designed to save you time finding your way to the most efficient methods of using LexisNexis.

Accidently put your LN Red in delete mode and want to prevent it?

Simply select a document from you Recent History at the bottom of the app. Once you are in the selected recent document, click on the My Publications tab at the top left hand corner of the app. You will then return to My Publications where you can continue browsing your publications within LexisNexis Red

Date created: 07/5/2013

Want to be able to send and/or save your research to an iOS device?

Open your research document eg: a CaseBase entry.  To email click on the Envelope icon and to download click on the Floppy Disk icon.

This will open up a new window. Change the Format to PDF and complete the other applicable fields.  

Finally click on Send or Download.

Date created: 07/5/2013

Ever wanted to be able to switch between pages viewed in different publications on LexisNexis Red?

Select History within the LexisNexis Red menu located at the bottom of your device.
A pop-up will display previous pages viewed, regardless of the publication.
Swiping to the right within this pop-up, this will allow you to select the previous document you may want to return to.

Date created: 24/7/2013

Do you use LexisNexis Red on two devices?

Highlight and annotate on your PC version of LexisNexis Red and when you are out and about this will automatically sync to your digital device for instant retrieval.


Date created: 25/9/2013

While you may often browse these resources, the search is also available.

Select your source from the Homepage eg: Civil Procedure Vic
Type in your desired search term in the Search this publication field in the top right hand corner eg: subpoena and click enter.
Select the appropriate search result from the dropdown and your search term will appear highlighted


Date created: 23/10/2013

Having difficulty saving a sticky note on LN Red?

When creating a sticky note with the annotation tool and you are unable to save the sticky note because the blue Done icon has not appeared, 
select the keyboard icon within the active keyboard.  The Done button will now be visible and you can save your sticky note.


Date created: 20/11/2013