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Top Tips

These expert, easy to follow tips come from years of consulting and are designed to save you time finding your way to the most efficient methods of using LexisNexis.

Would you like to quickly search for articles written or produced in a specific jurisdiction within Nexis?

Simply click onto the Power Search link on the left-hand side of the homepage.  Within the Search Terms field type in the term 'geographic', open brackets, the jurisdiction and close brackets. Click Search.  For example, if you would like to find articles about the company, Rio Tinto, produced only in South Australia type the following;

company(rio tinto) and geographic(south australia)

Date created: 07/5/2013

Need to search within a single publication within Nexis or Publisher?

You can drill down your search by using the pub command in the Search Terms field on the Power Search page, For example:  julia gillard and pub (the herald sun)

Date created: 07/5/2013

Want to increase the relevancy of your index terms and decrease the non-relevant results?

When searching in the Power Search on the My Nexis tab, select the tick box 'Relevancy: Major Terms only' underneath your Search Terms and Topics You Added fields. This will increase the relevancy from 50% to 85% and decrease the amount of non-relevant results.

Date created: 07/5/2013

Getting too many results with not enough mention of your search terms?

Go to the Power Search page where you are able to construct a complex search string.

In the Search Terms field, type in ALT and then minimum number of mentions you are wanting in the results followed by the word in brackets.

You can also connect this string with another key word by adding an additional connector. For example: enter in alt5 (bhp) and iron ore.
Select Search.

Date created: 07/5/2013

Do you want to reduce your x factor?

When searching across Nexis and you are searching more than three individual sources choose the next group source up as this would be more efficient.

Date created: 07/5/2013

Do you want to automate searches rather than have to manually run them on a daily or weekly basis?

When choosing whether to run an alert or manually running a saved search think about how often you are going to run it.  It may be more efficient if it is a daily search to run it as an alert. 

Date created: 07/5/2013

When searching on Nexis are there publications you always want to remove from your results?

If you are wanting to remove unwanted publications from your results group use the AND NOT PUB( publication name) string

Date created: 07/5/2013

When searching for a particular keyword are you finding that the results do not seem to relate to that key word?

In this situation you can use the % command to enable you to use the index terms to increase the relevancy of the results. If you are looking for corporate strategy you can add pre/3 8*% OR 9*% which will mean that the results will have to have this phrase index at 80% or above in order to appear in your results.

Date created: 07/5/2013

Do you need to find negative news on a particular topic?

you can use the following search string connected with 'and' to the topic or entity you are searching;

abus! or accus! or alleg! or arraign! or arrest! or assault! or attack! or bail or beat! or bond or brib! or charg! or cartel or convict! or corrupt! or court! or conspir! or co-conspir! or crime or criminal! or deceiv! or decept! or defendant or defraud! or denied or deny or disorderly conduct or driving under influence or driving while intoxicated or drug or drunk! or dui or d u i or d.u.i. or dwi or d w i or d.w.i. or embezz! or extort! or felon! or fraud! or guilt! or harass! or illegal! or incriminat! or indict! or investigat! or jail! or kill! or larcen! or launder! or lawbreaker or misappropriat! or misconduct or misdeme! or murder! or narcot! or negligen! or offen! or outlaw or parol! or prison! or probat! or prosecut! or revocation or revoke* or robber! or sabotag! or sanction! or scam! or scandal! or shoplift! or stab or stabbed or stabbing or steal! or stole* or suspen! or terroris! or theft or thief or thiev! or threat! or trespass! or unlawful! or verdict or violat! or violen! or weapon

Date created: 07/5/2013

Would you like to increase the relevancy of your results?

You can do this by adding the percentage command.  For example, if you type in the search string (mergers and acquisitions pre/3 8*% or 9*%) any results have to have a 80% or above relevancy in order to appear

Date created: 07/5/2013

Do you need to see duplicate documents before you delete them out of your search?

You can run your initial search without any duplication selected.  Once you have retrieved your results you can then choose to de-dupe at the top of the page

Date created: 07/5/2013

Are you are finding articles coming through from a particular part of the paper which you wish to remove?

If so, you can untilise the section command.  Simply type AND NOT SECTION after your search string open brackets and type in the name of the section.


Date created: 07/5/2013

Are you finding too many results coming back for an industry search?

If so, increase the percentage relevancy for the industry: eg ,  INDUSTRY(MINING AND EXTRATION) PRE/3 8*% OR 9*%. This will allow you to bring back results which are 80% or above relevant

Date created: 07/5/2013

Do you need to find a SIC code for a particular industry?

Go to the Industry tab and select industry dossie, then type in the industry into terms and it will bring back the SIC code for that industry and related industries.

Date created: 07/5/2013

Using Segment as a search option

The use of Segment as a searching option finds the most relevant articles on your topic. Operating like descriptors or fields, segments are searchable parts of a document. 
On the Homepage, with the Search terms field, type in your desired segment and name to find all articles. For example, use the Segment search Headline plus Helen Clarke in brackets to find all articles with the name Helen Clarke in the headline or title: Headline(Helen Clarke)

Date created: 08/8/2013