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Would you like to gain valuable skills without leaving your desk?

Our complimentary webinars are a convenient tool that provide a flexible learning environment combining desktop sharing with phone conferencing. This enables you to see and hear live as the Learning Consultant moves through the functionality step-by-step. These sessions are conducted in groups and training material will be supplied prior to the registered webinar session. 


Upcoming Affinity Webinars

24-SEPT Lexis Affinity Electronic Billing and Electronic Collections

  • This session will provide you with an understanding of how e-Billing and e-Collections work and will show you how to set up your system to enable their usage.
    Topics covered include:
  • How electronic Billing and Collections work
  • Setting up of Affinity for Electronic Billing and Electronic Collections
  • Setting up email notifications and messages using Wordlink for Electronic Billing
    and Electronic Collections
  • Phonebook Registration
  • Bill template modifications
  • How to process a Bill to be emailed
  • Creating multiple recipients
  • How to process a Collection note to be emailed

Duration: 90min | Date: 24-SEPT-2018 | Time: 3:00pm NZST


15-OCT Lexis Affinity Records Creation and Maintenance Course

Lexis Affinity Records Creation and Maintenance Course will show you how to create Phonebook, Client, Matter and Matter Contact records in Lexis Affinity and will incorporate:

  • Phonebook
  • Conflict of Interest Checking
  • Clients & Matters

Pre-requisite Knowledge/Skills

  • Lexis Affinity New Starters Course

Duration: 90min | Date: 15-OCT-2018 | Time: 3:00pm NZST


29-OCT Lexis Affinity Marketing Management, Events and Mailing List Management

  • The Event Marketing course will show you how to create events in Affinity, invite your clients to them and track their attendance. It will also demonstrate how to use Affinity matters for the events, show to link your clients to other parties including your employees and how precedents can be used for bulk mailing. Content includes:
  • Recording the relationships and connections between your clients, other clients, your employees, other parties
  • Creating mailing lists using Precedents for bulk mail-outs and emails
  • Creating Excel files containing client and contact marketing information
  • Managing events such as in-house seminars or client functions including creating event
    matters, managing invitations and RSVP’s, tracking attendee
  • Recording important information about your clients such as interests, connections, professional relationships, rankings, hobbies, key personnel

Pre-requisite Knowledge/Skills

  • General Lexis Affinity navigation | Knowledge of searching phonebook, matters and clients | Knowledge of MS Word mail merge concepts and operations

Duration: 90min | Date: 29-OCT-2018 | Time: 3:00pm NZST


5-NOV Lexis Affinity Introduction to Precedents

  • The Introduction to Precedents course will show you how to use, create and register basic precedents within Lexis Affinity and incorporates:
  • A review of using precedents within different areas of Affinity
  • Adapting a General Letter Precedent into a new letter
  • Using the Wordlink Field Builder to add merge fields
  • Using InsertDoc for common phrases
  • Creating an E-mail precedent
  • Registering a precedent in Affinity
  • Finding Affinity Fields within Database

Pre-requisite Knowledge/Skills

  • Lexis Affinity Essentials or End user training and a knowledge of Microsoft Word.

Duration: 90min | Date: 5-NOV-2018 | Time: 3:00pm NZST


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